Tutorial: One-patch-block With Perfect Wrong Side

perfect wrong side of patchwork

Why do you need a perfect wrong side of your quilt if nobody watches it? I know at least three answers.

  • To quilt a project with evenly distributed seams is much easier: the stitch lays smoother, the needle does not “wag” and does not break on the thickenings.
  • Every stitch looks great after final wet heat treatment.
  • The feeling of deep satisfaction from a job well done cannot be discounted either. For me this point is almost fundamental.

Here is my short tutorial dedicated the problem.

One-patch-block With Perfect Wrong Side
  1. Prepare fabris squares. I use the classical 2х2in with 1/2in seams.

  2. Join the squares into strips of required length.

    from squares to strips

    Compile the strips as you would like to join them.

  3. Turn on an iron. Now take the first strip and press (not iron!) seams changing its direction: first one towards left, second one towards right, etc.

    The second strip seams press towards other direction (right-left-right…).

    seams in one-patch-block

    seams iron in one-patch-block

    Here are the seams after press:

    seams in patchwork

    Note: after pressing that squares with seams on wrong side look more volume compared to squares without seams. This property will play its role a little bit later.

  4. Third strip seams press as first strip ones, fourth  – as second one, etc.
  5. Join the strips. Due to the seams laid out on opposite sides, the volumetric and flat squares will easily join each other at the intersection point of the seams.

    strips of one-patch-block

    srips of one-patch-block

  6. Now go through all the junction points of the squares

    poin of fabric junction in one-patch-block

    and free up the seams by disbanding the thread to the intersection point of the stitches.

    seams of wrong side of one-patch-block

  7. Press the seams on different sides.

I need some one-patch-blocks for my next quilt project. So I’ll show you my right side when it will be ready.

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