лого файберграф

How to care for the hardanger embroidery

There are some simple rules which help you to take care about your hardanger embroidery artworks.

Wash your hardanger artworks by the hands, without soak, with the help of the soft shampoo. Attention! Without great scrub.

'Choose water temperature in assosiate with the care symbols for your canva and threads. Isit's impossible take the tempterature about30-40 °С.

Отжимайте аккуратно, без выкручивания. Для этого идеально использовать пушистое полотенце.

Сушить хардангер-вышивку оптимально на горизонтальной поверхности в разложенном виде.


Put the embroidery on the soft towel with the back side up and iron it. It helps your artwork to be volumetric.