Camper Redesign

At first we were the car travel fans for a long time. With the help of the tent and the sleeping bags we were able to accomodate in the camping sites of the unique europe regions. So our new camper is our new freedom level.

Yes of course our camper is from England. Look at the curtains, the sofa's cover and the carpet! Some of these properties are worried me as a home maker, some of its are shaked me as a designer.

That's why the carpet is turned into the linoleum, cover's fabric is changed into the Stockholm fabric seria by Maria Vinka. The curtains are remained the same type and it was a mistake.

I was worried about the Stockholm fabric. Is it too dark? Is it too large for a small camper's space? But now I think everything's ok.

And as for the curtains I redesigned its at the second camper's season. The current curtain version is better isn't it?